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Ballast compatibility resources for plug-and-play T8 LED tubes

If you’re considering an LED plug-and-play replacement for your T8 or T12 linear fluorescent tubes, you need to check your ballasts. The compatibility technology is getting better, but there is still a chance your new plug-and-play tube will not work with your current ballasts. We generally recommend opening a sampling of fixtures around your property to ensure that you aren't basing compatibility off an odd ballast.

Our goal is to make lighting easier – so we’ve pulled together a few manufacturer resources where you can check for ballast compatibility.

Just click on the link, search for your LED lamp part number, and make sure it says “compatible” or “certified” with your ballast type.

Then, click here to buy the right plug-and-play T8 tube. And if you need a new ballast, we sell those too.

If you're wondering what size tube you're replacing, here is a helpful guide: