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Frequently asked questions related to COVID-19

Regency Lighting is taking a long-term view at the COVID-19 pandemic that’s impacting the country right now. We are here to help businesses maintain sustainability through the crisis, but we are also looking towards the future and developing ways to continue our legacy to serve clients.

We understand situations like this can bring up a lot of questions, and we want to address as many as we can. Below are some of the common questions we’re getting right now:

Is Regency Lighting open for business?

Yes. The United States Department of Homeland Security designates Regency Lighting employees as “essential critical infrastructure workers.”

We provide lighting and electrical to facilities including hospitals, medical centers, restaurants, banks, commercial offices and properties, government buildings, airports, and more. We are considered a critical business, and we are here for our customers during this critical time.

In addition to focusing on serving critical businesses during this time, we are also working hard to source products and solutions that will help our customers recover from this pandemic. We know your top priority is keeping customers, employees, and students safe, and we want to help in any way we can.

How can we best support you during this time? Please let us know.

Will my order or project be impacted by COVID-19?

Order delays are a possibility based on availability from manufacturers. 

The novel coronavirus started disrupting the supply chain in China in February. Now, with new challenges in the United States, some products may be delayed. However, we are proactively sourcing lighting products to best serve you. We’re fortunate to work with a range of manufacturers and access to a large amount of lighting inventory, so we are prepared to help.

We are in contact with our manufacturers to check on their status and their supply. If you're working on a project and you'd like to check on the status of one of our manufacturers, visit our vendor status page.

As you’re using our website to shop, it’s easy to tell which items are in stock right now and which items will be shipped later. If you see the orange line that says, “In Stock,” the item is ready to ship. That line should also include the total number available in our warehouse.

If the orange line says, “Ships in 6 days,” that item is not currently in stock and will take longer to get to you.

If you find that a product you need is delayed or on backorder, we recommend following up with one of our lighting specialists. We will work hard to find a solution that best fits for your situation, including alternative lighting products.

Please call us or send us a message. You can also use the chat box in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Where can I find germicidal UV lighting products?

Germicidal UV lighting products are listed under Specialty Lighting. You can click here to shop our entire product list. We are adding to this list on a weekly basis.

Before you make a purchase, we encourage you to become familiar with the products and what best fits your application. It’s very important to use germicidal UV products within the correct fixtures because like the sun, it can be harmful to our skin and eyes.

Germicidal UV lighting products can kill up to 99.9% of pathogens including bacteria and viruses. We have products available that will work in multiple applications, like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, senior care centers, banks, schools, government buildings, etc.

Replacement bulbs – These fit into existing fixtures, but please be aware they will only work in fixtures they are specified for. Wall and ceiling mounted disinfection units – Wall and ceiling mounted units can be set on a timer, a switch, or use occupancy sensors. Mobile UV disinfection units – Mobile units give you the flexibility to disinfect multiple rooms with one product. Click to here to compare products.

Again, safety is very important with UV lighting products. Exposure to humans can be dangerous depending on the type of UV light used. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I need special fixtures for germicidal UV products?

Yes. UV lamps are not meant for general lighting fixtures. UV lamps require specified UV fixtures, sockets, ballast, and protective equipment.

Installing them in general lighting fixtures can result in the following:

  1. Burning in the eyes and skin
  2. Degradation of the fixture, sockets, and surface it shines on
  3. Premature burn out of the lamp and ballast

They should never be used in general lighting fixtures. If you are interested in UV products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How can Regency Lighting support critical businesses that must stay open?

Regency Lighting can supply and deliver most of the lighting products that our customers depend on for operation.

For businesses looking for ways to use lighting to fight against pathogens, we are sourcing new germicidal lighting solutions. These products are effective at killing viruses and bacteria and slowing down secondary infections.

For the healthcare industry, we are supplying temporary lighting and electrical products for construction job sites, like pop-up hospital buildings to help with an overflow of patients.

Is there anything we can do to support you right now? Please let us know.

What is Regency Lighting doing now to help businesses recover after the pandemic?

Many of our customers are closed and not sure when they will open again. We understand the stress and uncertainty this can cause. When businesses are ready to reopen, we want to make sure we can support you, and help you give customers and employees confidence for the future.

As you’re looking to the future, you want to make sure building operations are as efficient and as safe as possible.

We’ve had customers impacted by remote work or smaller staff make efficiency and lighting upgrades while fewer people are in the office. These efficiency changes can help you save money for years to come.

We’ve also had a number of industries ask us for germicidal lighting solutions that will help them ensure a safe return of tenants, employees, students, and customers. Germicidal UV lighting is an effective tool that can help ensure health and safety measures before you reopen for customers and beyond.

Are lighting rebates impacted by COVID-19?

Energy efficiency and reducing operating costs may be a priority for you right now. Before you buy lighting products that you anticipate receiving rebates for, you want to check to make sure the rebates are still available.

There are some utility companies across the country that are either suspended or closed due to COVID-19. Encentiv Energy has a state-by-state list that you can check to see if your utility is impacted.

What is Regency Lighting doing internally to follow COVID-19 guidelines?

The health and safety of our customers and our employees is our top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our company is taking steps to make sure our employees well-being is not compromised, while also serving our clients across critical industries.

Here are some of the steps our company is taking to limit exposure to germs:

  • Warehouses & deliveries: We are promoting no-contact, curb-side deliveries until further notice. Drivers are also wearing masks. Our warehouse employees are practicing social distancing and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces often.
  • Office buildings: Many of our employees who are able to do their jobs from home are working remotely. For others still in the office building, employees are now spaced at least six feet apart. We are also sanitizing commonly touched surfaces daily.